Script execution appΒΆ

This application lets you run various pre-defined scripts and commands.


It isn’t yet capable of stopping application’s execution or displaying application’s output.

Defining applications is done in config.json file which is located in the application’s directory (currently apps/scripts). Its format is as follows:

 {"path":"./s/", #Defining a script which's located relative to application directory (``apps/scripts``)
  "name":"Hotspot login"}, #Defining a pretty name which'll be displayed by pyLCI in the application menu
 {"path":"/root/", #Defining a script by absolute path
  "name":"Backup things",
  "args":["--everything", "--now"]}, #Giving command-line arguments to a script
 {"path":"mount", #Calling an external command available from $PATH
  "name":"'mount' with -a",
  "args":["-a"]} #Again, command-line arguments


#-starting comments aren’t accepted in JSON and are provided solely for explanation purposes

It also gets all the scripts in s/ folder in application’s directory and adds them to the script menu, if they’re not available in config.json. If “name” parameter is not provided or is not available, it falls back to using script’s filename.