Printer UI element

from ui import Printer
Printer(["Line 1", "Line 2"], i, o, 3, exitable=True)
Printer("Long lines will be autosplit", i, o, 1)
ui.printer.Printer(message, i, o, sleep_time=1, skippable=False)[source]

Outputs string data on display as soon as it’s called.


  • message: A string or list of strings to display. A string will be split into a list, a list will not be modified. The resulting list is then displayed string-by-string.
  • i, o: input&output device objects. If you’re not using skippable=True and don’t need exit on KEY_LEFT, feel free to pass None as i.


  • sleep_time: Time to display each the message (for each of resulting screens).
  • skippable: If set, allows skipping message screens by presing ENTER.